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Steve is the one and only dog trainer to use on the Sunshine Coast. Not only does he have a lifetime worth of knowledge but he has a way with dogs like no other. We sought him out for one on one training for our lead reactive Boxer and he explained how to fix it and taught us how to get the results we needed. Steve also has a wonderfully positive attitude and a calm, gentle approach - not to mention a great sense of humour, which makes it a pleasure to work with him. We are happy to report our dog is falling in line and our problem is fixed, all thanks to Steve. We could not recommend Steve more to anyone who wants help, advice and training for their 4 legged family members.

Aleece and Mike (and Gus) Roberts

As someone with a physical disability, I was worried about seeking group training because of my restrictions. When Hero and I started, I couldn’t even walk him around our backyard without him pulling me over. Stephen and the team were great, they made no judgments and worked the program around my specific capabilities. Now, after only 5 lessons and the sound advice from Steve, Hero has not pulled me over or stepped into my path once since Week 2. I highly recommend Stephen to anyone with any kind of restriction or disability that still wants to enjoy the full pleasures of having an active, well-behaved dog.

Deaire McMullen

Thanks so much Steve. I never thought we would get to Level 3 when we just started out. What a long and rewarding journey its been. Thanks for your support along the way.

Sonia Petrack

Hi, I have been attending Steves class's now for a little over 12mths with my Great Dane, Becky. Not only has it been very enjoyable learning the tools to be able to handle your dog but it has also been a life saving experience for my wonderful girl. We were recently at Rainbow Beach and my kids had gone down to the water while Becky was at the car with me. She decided that she wanted to go to my kids and as she went to walk off there was two cars coming l had to yell at her to stay four times and on that fouth one she sat and stayed while the vechiles drove past. If it hadnt have been for the obedience classes with Steve and Carol l could have had a seriously injured if not dead dog. So a huge Thank you to Steve and Carol and l recommend these fun, enjoyable classes to anyone who is a dog lover/owner. It is also a great way of spending time with our best friends.

Kylee and Becky.

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