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Group or personal training, whatever your needs we can help!

If you would like your dog to be a well behaved enjoyable companion, Stephen Dawson Professional Dog Training can help you achieve the desired outcome quickly and effectively. We specialise in producing confident, happy, well behaved sociable family companion dogs. Stephen invites you to call and discuss your training needs. We’re always here to help!
For over 30 years Stephen Dawson has been helping Sunshine Coast families to enjoy their dogs and their time together to the fullest. Stephen’s breadth of knowledge is the key to his success with a range of dogs and has been gained over many years working in the industry.
Stephen’s long list of happy clients and their dogs are testament to his expertise. He delivers on his years of experience and has become recognised as the Sunshine Coasts’s premium and most innovative K9 behavioural consultant and training specialist.
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Stephen’s key objectives;

  • Developing well trained dogs that fit into the lifestyle of their owners and are well-mannered and controlled in the wider community.
  • To keep it simple – an easy, common sense, practical system is established ensuring that dogs and their owners enjoy the training sessions and keep them going. This means well behaved dogs and happy owners.
  • Being flexible – every dog and every owner is an individual. And so Stephen’s training techniques are based on respect for the individual and their needs and circumstances. He gives owners the techniques and tools that are necessary to work with and enjoy their dog – catering for each individual situation guaranteeing maximum success.
  • To create consistent, confident owners who have a broad knowledge of dog behaviour and how the animals ‘think’. Using positive reinforcement techniques – rewarding the desired behaviours – he is able to develop the owner skill level to cope with a range of situations.
  • To create an atmosphere of fun – enjoyment is the key to making sure that owners and their dogs continue to work together.

A community identity! Stephen has earned respect in the local community and his clients through association with and being an active volunteer in many community services.

Stephen is knowledgeable, approachable and a good communicator with a well developed sense of humour and of course a love for all dogs. He is patient and easy to work with , this means that his clients keep coming back for ‘top-up’ instruction and training new dogs.

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